Tenant Focused:

White Space advisors only represents the interests of tenants. As most commercial real estate companies generate the majority of their revenue representing landlords, they are incapable of providing unbiased service, as it would be unwise for them to negotiate aggressively for a tenant and risk their profitable landlord relationship. Even individual agents within these firms who market themselves as “tenant specialists” have conflicts as their firm’s Landlord clients challenge their allegiance and objectivity. White Space Advisors has no such conflict of interest.

Principal Involvement:

When you engage White Space Advisors as your commercial real estate advisor, you can rest assured that every aspect of your transaction will be handled by either Bill or Susan.  This “hands-on” approach ensures that nothing is left to chance and that no task is delegated to a junior associate.


Bill and Susan have over 35 years combined experience representing the interests of tenants in transactions for millions of square feet throughout The United States, Europe, and Latin America. We know the market – we’re known in the market. “Representing the Tenant, and ONLY the Tenant”